Oksana Bednenko needs your help


Oksana Bedenko passed away. Yesterday she was gone. Thank you to everyone who helped Oksana. We express our sincere condolences to the family, loved ones and friends. Here we leave her son’s card for those who can support Anton financially in a difficult situation for him.

Phone by Anton Bednenko (freshman student) +380931050649
Private Bank Card 41 49 49 91 19 09 51 88

we wrote earlier:

Oksana Bedenko has a serious illness associated with the musculoskeletal system. She lies all the time in bed and is looked after by her son Anton.


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Manyava International Project 2019-2025

Manyava International Project 2019-2025
Brand – Ukraine is spiritual and ecological Сenter of Europe.

Support, development and promotion of the Center of Spirituality, Culture and
Art, Education, Ecological Tourism in Ukraine.
The main goal of the Charity Fund is to
promote Ukraine, the historical, cultural and spiritual achievements of the
Ukrainian Talents among Ukrainians and in the world.

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Village English School

How many languages ​​do you know – so many times you are human.

The task we set ourselves to enable children to learn English is to create a Village English School in Maniava, Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast.

So what we did:

1) Found a room for a school in need of repair and equipment.
2) Procurement of textbooks and necessary training equipment is organized.
3) Volunteers – native speakers and teachers are ready to teach and develop a class schedule.

What we will do now:

1) Sign the lease of the premises.
2) We make repairs
3) Develop a schedule of classes
4) We organize accommodation and travel of volunteers
5) Form training groups
6) Import the necessary inventory
7) Open to all those who want Village English School

#fund #VillageEnglishSchool

Ecological patrol Ukrainian Carpathians

the purest landscape in nature is where people don’t dump (dont leave their garbage at site)

We have cleared the area near Manyava Waterfalls, the pearls of the Ukrainian Carpathians and Glade of Tales site on the way to the Blessed Stone.

Together with our Green Volunteers, we will continue this Ecological Patrol, our Green Guard at the Manyava Nature Eco Reserve to preserve the environment. We are installing additional landfills and arrange for garbage collection.

We ask that all those who are indifferent do not dispose of them, and if possible, also clean up the garbage that is not there.

This is our Ukrainian Land, our Carpathians, our Green Country and Planet. And only on us it depends on what they will be in a year, ten, hundred years.

A new Web -Site of Manyavsky Velyky Skit – Ukrainian Athos started in April 2010

Thanks to the work of volunteers, and with the blessing of the Archbishop of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine in Ivano-Frankivsk, we have created a new web site of Manyava Monastery that helps all believers and pilgrims find out more about the Monastery. This web site tells the story of the creation of the Monastery, tells us abput Monks of the Monastery and Ukrainian Carpathians. The project keeps on going now and will develop. Volunteers are constantly working to update information and improve the web site’s custom features. as well as the 2015 page of the Manyavsky Skit (the Monastery )on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/manyavskiyskit/


The Great Monastery of Manyava, which has been mentioned since 1242, has since 1600 entered the history of the world as an important center of spirituality, a stronghold of Orthodoxy, which is closely connected with the names of the holy monks Job and Theodosius, with the prominent artist, Ukrainian Raphael – Job Kondelevich , and also with such magnificent figures as Ivan Vyshensky, Zachary Kopystensky, Hetman Ivan Vygovsky, and many others. Among them hetman Ivan Vyhovsky holds a special place. After all, according to his will, the dust of the hetman rests in Scythia. Scientists like M. Hrushevsky, O. Fedanko, V. Kachkan, M. Kugutyak, and others testify to this fact.

The Maniavsky Velikoskitsky Cross-Exaltation Monastery is one of the most famous spiritual monastic centers of Ukraine.


Studies of the history of Maniavsky Scythian began in the nineteenth century. I. Vagilevich, Y. Tselevich, A. Petrushevich, and in the twentieth century. J. Pasternak and others. In the 21st century, the research of the Maniavsky Great Scythian was continued by the professor


M. Kugutyak, B. Tomenchuk, and others. The founder of the Great Monastery – Novy Vatoped – Ukrainian Athos was Job Knyagynitsky (1550-1621), originally from Tysmenytsia – one of a galaxy of prominent representatives of Orthodox monasticism. In search of seclusion, Job Manyavsky (Knyaginitsky) came to Markov Deserts. Together with John Vyshensky and Zacharya Kopistensky, Job created a monastic community. In the new monastery Job introduced a strict charter, which he lived in Athos in the monastery Vatoped, taking as a basis the charter of St. Basil the Great. It was for the rigor of the charter that Manyavsky Skeit was called the “second” Athos. In 1620, the Scythians received from the Patriarchs of Constantinople – Timothy and Alexandria – Cyril the Law of the Law of St. Paul. In 1628 at the Cathedral of Kiev under the chairmanship of Metropolitan Job Boretsky he was given the title of “prot” (chairman). It counted 556 monasteries in the provinces of Belzky, Ruski (Halytsky) and Podolsk. The signature of the Abbot of Scythia – Theodosius attests to this fact: the monasteries of the voivodships of Rus (Halych), Belz and Podolsk… ”The monastery had a significant influence on the Halych monasteries in Unev, Ulyuchy, Lavrov, Pidhirtsi, Pogony, Krehov (the last two were founded by Scythian monks). The Polish kings Jan Casimir III, Mikhail Vyshnevetsky, Jan III Sobieski, Stanislav August, and Crown Hetman Stanislav Potocki gave the monastery various privileges in honoring the sanctity of the Ukrainian Orthodox Army of Christ. Skit Maniavsky is also known as an art center. According to I. Vagilevich, there was a large library and theological and painting schools here. The first abbot of Maniavsky Skit, Theodosius, paid great attention to church singing because he was the creator of hymnographic songs, one of which “Alleluia” of 3 voices came to our day in two Maniavsky Irmologies of 1684 and 1731-1733. About the functioning in the Scythian school of church singing with a clear orientation to the Bulgarian chants is well evidenced by the already mentioned three Notolinii Irmolgia, which were created in Maniavsky Skeet. Several other Irmologists, who are of Manavian origin, have survived. This is confirmed by the entries in the fields of the manuscript, ”do wiesi Maniawy” and affiliation with “Ecclesia Maniaviensis”. The school of church singing of Maniavsky Scythians educated not only staff for their own needs. The Scythian students walked around the surrounding cities, towns and villages, where they not only maintained the spirit of St. Orthodoxy but also taught singing in churches, often rewriting notorious irrationalities, to some extent reflecting the traditions of Scythian singing. During the whole XVII century. The monastery monastery was an obstacle to the spread of the union in Galicia, and it was because of this that the Diocese of Lviv remained Orthodox until 1700 “having embraced the leadership of several hundred monasteries and having conquered the minds of both clergy and laymen, Scyth Myaniavsky stopped the development of the union in Halychyna. At the end of the XVII century. there were 242 Orthodox monasteries in the Dioceses of Lviv and Peremyshka, and for them the Maniavsky Skit was what Burgundy Kluniak was in the 10th and 11th centuries. for Catholic monasteries. Over its four hundred years of history, the monastery has become a religious Orthodox institute aimed at realizing the ideas of perfect monastic life through self-isolated forms of life organization.

On May 28, 1998, in part, and on November 30, 1999, the Monastery of Malyavsky Monastery was completely transferred to the Ivano-Frankivsk Diocese of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kiev Patriarchate, which gave impetus to the second revival of the shrine. On October 20, 2002, a real great event took place in the life of the Great Monastery – the consecration of the Holy Cross Cathedral. The monastery of Maniavs entered the third millennium of the Christian era. This applies to all spheres of her life, from inner spiritual to external improvement. The Holy Ascension and Savior Transfiguration monks are revived, and the monks again go to the mountains four hundred years ago to seek solitude and prayer. The statute of the monastery on which the monastery lives is designed by me on the basis of the will of our holy fathers, Job and Theodosius, and covers all aspects of the fraternal life of the fraternity, from cellular rule, temple worship to communion with pilgrims and obedience. However, there is much more to come. And I want to believe that, despite the various obstacles along the way, the Maniavskaya Velikoskytska monastery, reviving itself, will also revive the souls of those people who come to its walls

The monastery brings up a new galaxy of monks, the followers of the Reverend Job and Theodosius, the spirit that 400 years ago was laid and approved by the Reverend Great Fathers Job Job and Theodosius will not fade away but will multiply and grow, and the spirit of austerity will never wither away from its walls and its walls. lead a harsh lifestyle and thus save their souls by living on the principle of “save yourself and thousands will save you.”


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The road to the temple – we restore the road to the Ukrainian Athos


Road to the Temple is a top priority Project in the list of Projects  of the International Charitable Foundation  ICF “Democracy and Reforms”, Ukraine, which is being  implemented jointly with the community of the village of Manyava with a little help of  those who care.


The goal  we set is to raise funds and restore the road to Temple -to  the Manyava Monastery (Manyavsky Skit  ,Ukrainan Athos skit.org.ua ) which has not been PROPERLY repaired for the last 25 years. There is no plan and funds to repair the road  from the Government of Ukraine either.

The total cost of the Project is more than 2,5 million UAH. A rather large sum for one village. But it is much easier if believers from all over Ukraine are involved in the project. If we divide this amount by 2500 people, one should only make a contribution of 100 UAH.

And everyone can get to the monastery without inconvinience ,having no problems. Also, this project will make the streets of the Manyava village safer, as braking on the road with pits, especially  in the night could be very dangerous.

boarding school for sick children. Solotvino. Western Ukraine

Old baby beds are out of order and need to be replaced. Funds, as elsewhere, are not enough. And children need 10 double floors with orthopedic mattresses and bedside tables.

We found a manufacturer who made a 15% discount on their own products.

Cost of one set (bed, bedside tables, mattresses, rugs) – 8000 UAH. Accordingly, in total it is necessary to collect 80 000 UAH.

Today, children from Solotvyno comprehensive boarding school need the help of all those who care.