English and Art Festival for Children was held in Solotvyno

ICF Democracy and Reforms, together with volunteers, hosted a Feast of English , Art , Singing, with Fruits and Sweets for Children at Solotvyn Boarding School


In the course of the holiday, the outdoor singing (Ukrainian guitar songs), English lessons (developed by volunteer programs aimed at improving spoken English in children), and sweet table for children were organized and performed  with fruits and sweets with corresponding certificates purchased by volunteers for the funds allocated by the Foundation Founders and on its own.

We Say Thank you so much and very gratefull to our volunteers from Lviv who organized a wonderful entertaining and educational program, bought some figs, brought a Shining Joy to the children in Solotvino boarding School.

When we have arrived at Solotvino boarding school, we were glad that we were able to spend one day so that the children asked us for the continuation of this holiday in the future. Little Ukrainians in Western Ukraine are waiting for our next visit soon.

Also, during the Volunteer performance for kids in Solotvino, we realized that there are so dedicated and Great People in place from Solotvino Management Team who give their love and support to those kids every day – they are employees of Solotvina comprehensive sanatorium school – boarding school of І-III degrees of Ivano-Frankivsk regional council. They teach children how to live in peace, how to support each another, they are their mentors and sincere friends.

A detailed report is coming soon

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