Manyava International Project 2019-2025

Manyava International Project 2019-2025
Brand – Ukraine is spiritual and ecological Сenter of Europe.

Support, development and promotion of the Center of Spirituality, Culture and
Art, Education, Ecological Tourism in Ukraine.
The main goal of the Charity Fund is to
promote Ukraine, the historical, cultural and spiritual achievements of the
Ukrainian Talents among Ukrainians and in the world.

The mission of the Foundation and its main activities
– the revival and promotion of the idea of Ukrainian Athos (Great Manyavsky Skit (Monastery)
-promotion of Manyava brand UA worldwide
Development of the village of Manyava (Manyava, Ukraine, Ivano-Frankivsk region,
village Manyava, GPS: 48.6561,24.3729) as a center of spiritual pilgrimage tourism and Ecological Tourism).
Support the Small Business community of UA
-development children’s creativity and support talented children in the region
-attracting of investments and establishing ties with the International charities, sponsors, donors, Financial
Centers to develop as a spiritual and Manyava Ecology Center
– History of Manyavsky Velyky Skit ( the Monastery)
– Production of documentary film “Manyavsky Skit –
The Ukrainian Athos. Revival of Legends ”
Production: SKAY Production, Odessa Film Studio, with participation of Dovzhenko Film Studio, Film UA, 1 + 1
documentary about the creation, milestones life of the monastery and the
monks, turning points in the history of Ukraine, the impact of Ukrainian Athos
on the development of state-building processes and education in Ukraine. Revival of the
monastery, legends and legendary personalities in the life of the monastery.

Saving Green Manyava of Maniavia’s ecology – stopping deforestation.
Careful use of natural resources.
Prevention of ecological raiding and protection of ecology and natural resources together with the territorial community.

Arranging and sorting garbage in Manyava
will help preserve the ecology around the Manyaav Monastery and
create additional jobs for locals. The waste will be
sorted and recycled.
Project-Ecological production of recyclables.
Project – Solar Free Electricity for the Village, Free Wi-Fi
Project – Provision of 4G Wi Fi and Enhanced Mobile
Communications in the Region.

Road to the Temple 2019-2025
The Road to the Temple (Solotvino – Manyava Monastery) project envisages the
restoration of the pavement, which is now in dire straits. This
will increase the flow of tourists and pilgrims by
creating comfortable traffic conditions and reducing the number of
emergencies towards Maniava.
1. Project documentation
2. Selection of contractor
3. Attraction of investments and donor funds, crowdfunding4. Road Repair
5. Quality Control
6. Targeted Use of FUNDS Control (Certified Auditors Ernst & Young)

The site for pilgrims Ukrainian Athos

Creation of the web site of the Manyava – of promotion and development of the

Village by Ukrainian Athos
Volunteers Project under the patronage of MIFU Founders and Partners from Canada and USA
(Manyava International Foundation Ukraine) raised
funds and paid for hosting and domain, created a site, filled
the news section information on the activities of the fraternity and
representatives of the clergy is being promoted by the Ukrainian Athos on
Social Networks.


2019-2025 The web site of Manyava 
2019-2025  The web site of the Charitable Foundation
2021 The web site of the Shop of the Ukrainian Athos (in progress)
2015-2025 Social networks pages
in support of projects, involvement of volunteers and resources

Helping children

Today, the Foundation ( volunteers) helps a number of Children’s
Institutions (for example, the Children’s Ward of the Kyiv,Kids Department of the Assylum -Psychiatric Hospital). Volunteers buy food, medicine, clothing, furniture and more, and transfer them to the site at the place.

The Foundation, with the assistance of the Canadian Patrons, opens the Cultural Center for the Development of Talented Children in the village of Manav, Ukraine,
Ivano-Frankivsk region, the village of Maniv, GPS: 48.6561,24.3729, which includes

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