Oksana Bednenko needs your help


Oksana Bedenko passed away. Yesterday she was gone. Thank you to everyone who helped Oksana. We express our sincere condolences to the family, loved ones and friends. Here we leave her son’s card for those who can support Anton financially in a difficult situation for him.

Phone by Anton Bednenko (freshman student) +380931050649
Private Bank Card 41 49 49 91 19 09 51 88

we wrote earlier:

Oksana Bedenko has a serious illness associated with the musculoskeletal system. She lies all the time in bed and is looked after by her son Anton.


Oksana is a professional English translator, but now, unfortunately, she is not able to do any work, homework or translation due to her poor health conditions. Since the last year 2018 till now, the Democracy and Reform Foundation volunteers have been helping Oksana with her own funds.Oksana is in dire need of our help, and most importantly, medicine and bedding, which is so poorly rested.Bedding of any size and women’s nightwear of the largest size.

The medicines Oksana takes every day are also important and needed by her family, as Oksana takes them every day, namely: Ketolong, Bisoprolol, Calcium D3, Nicomed and Kortef. Unfortunately, the latter drugs are not available in pharmacies, so the family has to order online.


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