The road to the temple – we restore the road to the Ukrainian Athos


Road to the Temple is a top priority Project in the list of Projects  of the International Charitable Foundation  ICF “Democracy and Reforms”, Ukraine, which is being  implemented jointly with the community of the village of Manyava with a little help of  those who care.


The goal  we set is to raise funds and restore the road to Temple -to  the Manyava Monastery (Manyavsky Skit  ,Ukrainan Athos ) which has not been PROPERLY repaired for the last 25 years. There is no plan and funds to repair the road  from the Government of Ukraine either.

The total cost of the Project is more than 2,5 million UAH. A rather large sum for one village. But it is much easier if believers from all over Ukraine are involved in the project. If we divide this amount by 2500 people, one should only make a contribution of 100 UAH.

And everyone can get to the monastery without inconvinience ,having no problems. Also, this project will make the streets of the Manyava village safer, as braking on the road with pits, especially  in the night could be very dangerous.

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